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Fancy dressing up your own labcoat with safety glasses and latex gloves ready to build a CO2 Rocket or test chemicals to see if they are acids or alkalis.

Be a civil engineer and your own bridge or tower, or try being an electrical engineer and construct a paddle boat or battery powered racer.

Design and build your own den for you and your friends.

Build your own Brush Monster.

Build your own batteries to power some birthday celebration lights.

Make your own CO2 bubbles

Watch "Dry Ice" turn water into a fuming yellow mass with mist and bubbles.

Watch Liquid Nitrogen turn bananas into hammers, flowers into crystals and shink balloons and watch what happens when boiling water and liquid nitrogen meet !

These are some of the options that we can mix together to make your little crazy scienctist's birthday rather special.
Prices start at £150 for up to 10 party goers.

RSC Demo

* All activities subject to an age limit

If you want to know more just click to email me with the following details and we'll put a Crazy Package together for you.

Age of the children involved

Number of children expected at the party

Expected venue (eg Home or Village Hall or School Hall)

Choice of activities

Expected duration of the party